Disinfect your home in the time of Covid-19

We take a look at safety and hygiene measures that we have to implement in our real estate agency and that we can extrapolate to disinfect our home.

Disinfect your home in the time of Covid-19
Follow simple recommendations for a clean and safe home

For a few months now, we have all been familiar with better hygiene to prevent the Covid from spreading further and, of course, to avoid introducing it into our homes. Bearing in mind that the virus remains on different surfaces for a period of time ranging from days to hours, the best thing we can do to have a virus-free home is to clean it daily.

At first there was a lot of confusion about which products were more suitable and effective against the coronavirus but finally we can highlight the following:

  • Soap and water: soap removes the fatty layer that contains the virus and water is used to remove everything that remains on the surface, so simply with soap and water, we can disinfect all surfaces, as well as our own hands.
  • Bleach: this product also disinfects very well and is used by leaving it on the surface for 10 or 15 minutes, and then removing it with a cloth.
  • Sanitary alcohol: this is the most powerful product we can use to disinfect our house, as it destroys the virus in a matter of seconds and, as with bleach, it is impregnated into a cloth and then rubbed off the surface and removed later.

Another thing that helps to disinfect our house is the daily ventilation, so that in case the virus enters, it can disperse.

On the other hand, to keep our house as disinfected as possible we have to be very attentive to small gestures when we go out and when we come in, such as not using the shoes from the street inside the house, having the objects of daily use in some box or container at the entrance, as well as washing our hands and all the surfaces of all the things we use continuously: mobile keys, etc.

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