We take a personal approach in our Relocation services, providing a bespoke solution for every client

Our Relocation service covers our clients for a wide range of eventualities including home finding, school finding, settling in services, administrative services, immigration services and tenancy services.

We understand the challenges that come with a relocation. So we understand you. Our team and our partners will make your relocation a very smooth process.

We use our relocation skills to ensure our clients’ arrival is as smooth and stress-free as possible

We realise that every client will have different needs and requirements, so we take a very personal approach in our offerings – it is essential for us to really get to know each client, so we can tailor our services (within the boundaries and budget set by the client or their employer).

You rarely get this level of professionalism from service providers in Barcelona. When it came to selling our apartment, we did not have to think twice about getting Lisa and her team to do it. Not only do they have an extensive network of renters, buyers ,and property owners, they know exactly how to match their clients. They are particularly experts in the international market but this does not mean they don’t deal equally as well with the local market of property owners, buyers, and renters. During the sale, every question, doubt, or issue along the way was answered promptly and efficiently. Basil from the team was a fantastic help throughout the whole process. Our apartment was sold to one of the first buyers Lisa had on her list that viewed it - we could not have wished for a better result.

Emma Grenham 03 Jan 2022
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